Subject Strengths part of the profile

Use the following information to help you gather the information needed in the Subject Strengths part of the profile. For help entering the information, see Indicate collection strength by subject.


Subject Strengths provides buttons for accessing each of the Subject Strengths Class screens:

  • One screen for each class of the LC Classification, except class R (Medicine), and
  • One screen for the National Library of Medicine (NLM) Classification

Each Subject Strengths Class screen lets you indicate the strength of your institution's collection for a subject class.

The default strength level for each subject is 1. None or Minimal Information. Change the default level for each subject in which your institution's collection has a strength level of 2 or greater.

For help, see Levels of collection strength.

Information about LC Classification is available at

Information about NLM Classification is available at

If your institution uses the Dewey Decimal Classification, see the following for help indicating your collection's subject strengths in the profile:

If you cannot describe your library's special collections and staff expertise adequately using this part of the profile, you can enter up-to-10 keywords or phrases of your choosing in the Specialties part to describe them. Although you should complete this part, you can use the Specialties part to supplement it.

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