Specialties part of the profile

Use the following information to help you gather the information needed in the Specialties part of the profile.

You are not required to complete this part of the profile.

For help entering the information, see Describe the specialties of your library's collection and staff.


In most pages of the Collection Strengths section of your library's profile, you rate your collection's strengths in relation to controlled lists of subject, geographic and format terms.

However, those terms may not let you adequately describe your library's special collections or your staff's special expertise that help you provide reference service.

In the Specialties page of the section, you can enter up-to-10 keywords or phrases of your choosing to describe your special collections and staff expertise.

Other libraries in your groups can view the keywords and phrases that you enter to help them decide whether to refer a question to your library.

Although you should complete the other pages of the Collection Strengths section, you can use the Specialties page to supplement them.

The Specialties page has 10 boxes. Enter 1 keyword or phrase in each box that you want to use.

Describe a different collection, aspect of a collection, or staff expertise in each box.

Use only substantive keywords or phrases.

Enter up to 255 letters (Roman alphabet), numbers and spaces in each box.

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