Levels of collection strength

In the profile, the Research Libraries Group (RLG) Conspectus system is used to categorize levels of collection strength.

Description of the RLG Conspectus system

A description of the RLG Conspectus system and definitions of its levels are available at

The following levels of collection strength are used in the profile. The default level value is 1. None or Minimal Information. You should change the default value for areas of your institution's collection that have a strength level of 2 or greater.

  • 1. None or Minimal Information (combines RLG levels 0. Out-of-Scope and 1. Minimal Level)
  • 2. Basic Information
  • 3. Instructional Support
  • 4. Research
  • 5. Comprehensive

Do not undervalue your collection's strengths

If you assign a low level of strength to a particular area of your collection, you may receive no questions related to that area through the global reference network. You might want to assign higher levels of strength to areas of your collection than you might otherwise. When you receive questions, you can decide whether they are appropriate to your collection and reject those questions that are not. As you gain more experience with questions received through the network, you can adjust the strength levels assigned in your profile as needed.

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