QuestionPoint system navigation

The following navigation elements appear on each page of the QuestionPoint system.

Element Definition
Service bar

The service bar appears at the top of each page:

  • Your account name
  • Your authorization
  • Home link takes you to the My QuestionPoint page in the My QuestionPoint/Home module
  • Reset Clock link resets the session timeout timer
  • Exit link logs you off the system
  • Select Service drop-down menu lets you go to any module available to your account
Module title

The module title appears below the service bar:

  • Module name
  • Support link takes you to a form that lets you request assistance or send a comment
  • Help link opens a separate window that contains online help
Module menu

The module menu appears below the module title:

  • Menu tabs take you to sections of the module
  • Menu links take you to pages of a module section
Page name

The page name appears below the module menu:

  • It identifies the page.
Work area

The work area appears below the page name:

  • It is where you perform tasks and view information.

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