Find a new KB record

You have several ways to find a new KB record.

If you added the record, you can view a list of all the records you have added. View my KB records

If you or someone else added the record, you can browse KBs to find it. Browse KBs

  • If you know the record status (active or inactive), select the status in the Folder drop-down list.
  • Uncheck the Knowledge Base box for any KB that you do not want to browse.
  • If you know the date on which the record was added, enter that date in the Between box in mm/dd/yyyy format.

If the record has been active for more than 24 hours, you can also search KBs to find it. Search KBs (advanced search)


When you search:

  • You can find active KB records only. (Active records have been activated by a KB editor.)
  • You cannot find an active record until it is indexed. (Records are indexed within 24 hours after they are activated.)

When you browse:

  • You can find active and inactive records as soon as they are added to a KB.

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