Use the Add New Record page

On the Add New Record page:

  1. In Required Fields, change or add information as needed. Required fields: new KB record
  2. In Add to, for each KB in which you want to add the record:
    1. Check the box in front of the KB name.
    2. Select a status option. Status options: new KB record
    3. Select a Make Public option. Public access to KBs
  3. Optional: In Optional Fields, change or add information as needed. Optional fields: new KB record
  4. Optional: In Source Citation, change or add information as needed. Citation fields: new KB record
  5. Click the Create Record button.
    The QuestionPoint response varies:
    • If required fields are missing, it pops up a message that lists the missing fields. Click OK and complete the required fields.
    • If the record was added successfully to the KB, it displays a message that summarizes your action and shows the KB record number assigned to the record.
    • If you have more Add New Record pages to process, it displays the next one.
    • If you completed the last question selected from a question list, it displays the question list.
    • If you completed the last draft record, it displays a message that indicates the draft folder is empty.
    • If you added the record from an individual Full Question, it displays the Full Question.
    • If you added the record from a blank Add New Record page, it displays another blank one.


Click the Question Detail link to view the Full Question information in a separate window while you work.

Click a KB record number link in the Other records for this Q&A area to view a KB record (if any) already added for the question.

Click the Save Draft button at any time to save a draft of the record without adding it to the KB. QuestionPoint saves and redisplays the draft.
You can:

  • Continue to work on the draft
  • Go to another Add New Record page in a group of pages and then return to the draft
  • Complete the draft later in the Knowledge Base module (Knowledge Base > Add/Edit > My Drafts)

If you save a draft, you must add the record or save the draft again within 14 days. If you do not QuestionPoint deletes the draft after 14 days.

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