Find KB records by ID number

If you are a KB editor, you can go directly to a particular KB record if you know its ID number.

You can search for a record by either of two ID numbers:

  • ID number of a KB record (This is called the "Record ID" or the "Knowledge Base question ID.")
  • ID number of the original question in the Ask a Librarian module on which a KB record is based (This is called the "Q&A ID" or the "Ask Librarian question ID.")

To seach by ID number:

  1. Go to the Question ID Search page.
    (Knowledge Base > Search > Question ID)
    Note: The Question ID menu link appears below the Search tab only if you are a KB editor.
  2. Type a single ID number or a range of ID numbers in the box.
    (Do not include commas in numbers. Include a beginning and ending number when you type a range of numbers.)
    • Record ID, single: 72623
    • Record ID, range: 72500-72800
    • Q&A ID, single: 795818
    • Q&A ID, range: 740000-799999
  3. Select the question ID type.
    • Select Knowledge Base Question ID to search by Record ID
    • Select Ask Librarian Question ID to search by Q&A ID.
  4. Click the Search button.

QuestionPoint searches all of the KBs to which you have access, including those for which you are an editor and those for which you are not. QuestionPoint displays the Knowledge Base Browse Results page or the Record Detail page containing the results.

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