Find active KB records to update

If you are a KB editor, you have several ways to find active records that you may need to update.

You can search for a record by its ID number (if you know it) to go directly to the record. You can search by the ID number of the KB record or the ID number of the original question on which the record is based. Find KB records by ID number

You can browse records with a Required Update Date, records with a partial addendum, or all active records. Browse KBs

  • For the Folder browse criteria:
    • Select Update Required to find records that contain a Required Update Date. Required Update Date field
    • Select With Partial Addendum to find records that contain a partial addendum. Partial Addenda field
    • Select Active to find all active records.
  • For Knowledge Base, uncheck the boxes for the KBs that you do not wish to update.
  • In the browse results, the latest records appear at the top of the list. If you selected Update Required, click the heading of the Required Update Date column if you want to move the records with the earliest date to the top of the list to help you process them first.

You can browse records added by you to see if any of your active records need to be updated. View my KB records

  • In the browse results, click the heading of the Status column once to move records that have Active status to the top of the list.
  • Look in the KB column to see which records were added to the KB for which you are an editor.

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