Complete a draft KB record

To return to a draft that you saved earlier so you can add the record to a KB:

  1. Go to the Knowledge Base module.
  2. Click the Add/Edit tab.
    QuestionPoint displays a blank Add New Record page.
  3. Click the My Drafts menu link.
    QuestionPoint displays the My Drafts page that lists your draft records.
    Note: If QuestionPoint indicates that the draft folder is empty, you have no draft records to complete.
  4. Click the link for a draft in the Question column.
    QuestionPoint displays the Add New Record page for the draft.
    Continue this procedure on that page. Use the Add New Record page


If you save a draft, you must add the record or save the draft again within 14 days. If you do not, QuestionPoint deletes the draft after 14 days.

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