Can I add (submit) KB records?

To which KBs can I add records?

To learn whether you can add KB records and to which KBs you can add them:

  1. Select Knowledge Base in the Select Service drop-down list at the top of any QuestionPoint page to go to the Knowledge Base module.
  2. Is there an Add/Edit tab next to the Search and Browse tabs?
    • If yes, go to step 3.
    • If no, stop. You cannot add records to any KB.
  3. Click the Add/Edit tab.
    QuestionPoint displays the Add New Record page.
  4. Look at the Add To field in the Required Fields area. It lists the KBs to which you can add records.
    • QP Global Reference Network is the Global KB.
    • Any other KBs listed are local KBs.


The Add To field also contains:

What should I do if I cannot add KB records?

Contact your institution administrator if you cannot add records to a KB.

If you cannot add records to a KB but others at your library can, your institution administrator needs to give you Add/Submit privileges for the KB.

If no one at your library can add records to a KB, your institution administrator may need to complete and submit your library's profile.

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