Receive questions (overview)

Because QuestionPoint lets your library manage questions that are received in various ways, your library can:

  • Maintain its current reference service and build its vision of future service
  • Maintain its current cooperative reference arrangements and build new ones
Your library can receive and manage questions: If your library:
Submitted on its question form Places a QuestionPoint question form on its web site
Asked during chat sessions with its patrons Places a QuestionPoint chat form on its web site and monitors chat requests
Asked by patrons at its reference desk, over the telephone, in an e-mail message, or in any other way Adds these questions manually in QuestionPoint
Referred to it by another library Participates in a referral group
Routed to it by the Global Reference Network Participates in the Global Network
Submitted on the question form of another library Participates in a web-form coverage group

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