Receive questions on question form

Your library can place a QuestionPoint question form on its web site to let patrons submit questions when they visit the site.

QuestionPoint automatically receives and acknowledges each question submitted on the form.


QuestionPoint gives each question the following status:

  • New

Question lists

QuestionPoint places each question in the following question lists:

  • New
  • Active


QuestionPoint assigns each question in one of the following ways:

  • Automatically. QuestionPoint automatically assigns the question to a librarian or administrator based on assignment information that your library includes with its question form and on options that your institution administrator sets in QuestionPoint (Administration > Institution > Settings > Web Form Assignment).
  • Unassigned. QuestionPoint leaves the question unassigned if your library does not include assignment information with the question form and set the related options.


QuestionPoint notifies your library of each question in one of the following ways:

  • If QuestionPoint assigns the question automatically, it sends an e-mail notice to the assignee's e-mail address.
  • If QuestionPoint leaves the question unassigned, it sends an e-mail notice to the E-mail Question Notification address, if any, specified by your institution administrator (Administration > Institution > Settings > E-mail Notification).


When a patron submits a question, QuestionPoint:

  • Displays the acknowledgement page for the patron.
  • Sends one of the following messages to the patron's e-mail address:
    • The new account message, if the patron did not have a patron account.
    • The new question message, if the patron already had a patron account.

Your institution administrator can customize the acknowledgement page and e-mail messages (Administration > Institution > Settings > Custom Messages).

Patron account

QuestionPoint updates the patron's QuestionPoint account in the Patron Interface as follows:

  • It creates an account for the patron if there was no account for the e-mail address submitted with the question.
  • It places the question in the account's unanswered questions list.

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