Forward a KB answer

Use Forward Answer to edit a KB record's answer in order to send an answer for the question on which you are currently working. You can send the answer to the patron's e-mail address and to other addresses that you specify.

Do not use Forward Answer if you want to add scripts, attach files, or save the answer as a draft. Use Copy Answer instead.

To use Forward Answer:

  1. Click the Forward Answer button on a KB record to view the Forward Answer page.
    (The patron's name and e-mail address appear in the To field.)
  2. Optional: Type any other e-mail addresses to which you want to send the answer in the CC box.
    (Be sure to separate multiple addresses with semicolons.)
  3. Edit the answer as needed in the Answer box.
  4. Click the Send button to send the answer.

The Full Question record for the current question reappears. In the question history, two new entries identify the KB record from which the answer came and show the answer sent to the patron. QuestionPoint changes the question status to "answered."

The e-mail message looks like other answers sent by your library. The patron does not know that the answer came from a knowledge base.


E-mail addresses that you type in the CC box are not included in the question history.

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