Browse KBs

To browse KBs on the Browse page in the Knowledge Base module:

  1. For each browse criteria, select a value or leave the default value unchanged.
    (QuestionPoint will find only those records that match the values for all criteria.) KB browse criteria
  2. In the Results Per Page drop-down list, select the number of records that you want to view on each page of the browse results. (The default is 10. Other options are 20, 30, 50, 100.)
  3. Click the Browse button.

QuestionPoint displays the Knowledge Base Browse Results page. View KB browse results

Records available when you browse

Librarians: If you have View or Add/Submit privileges for a KB, you can find records that have Active or Inactive status when you browse the KB. You cannot find records that have Review status or Delete Pending status.

KB Editors: If you have Edit or Edit/Delete privileges for a KB, you can find records that have any status when you browse the KB.

Clear button

  • Click the Clear button to return all criteria to their default values.

If no records are found

If no records are found by your KB browse, QuestionPoint displays the message "No questions or answers match your search conditions" on the Browse page.

The criteria values that you selected remain on the page.

To revise your browse:

  1. Do one of the following:
  2. Click the Browse button.

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