Search KBs (basic search)

To perform a KB basic search on the Basic Search page: Go to a KB search page

  1. In the Search For box, type one or more search words or phrases.
    • Enclose each phrase in quotation marks.
  2. Select the KBs that you want to search.
    • If no KB boxes are checked, QuestionPoint searches the Global KB only.
  3. Click the Search button.

QuestionPoint displays the Knowledge Base Search Results page. View KB search results

Options on the Basic Search page

  • You can use wildcards and truncation when you type search words. Wildcards and truncation (search KBs)
  • You can use AND, OR, NOT when you type search words. AND, OR, NOT (search KBs)
  • You can use fuzzy searches when you type search words. Fuzzy searches (search KBs)
  • Click the Clear button to empty the Search For box and uncheck the Knowledge Base boxes.
  • Click the Advanced Search link to go to the Advanced Search page, which provides more search options and lets you enter your search more precisely. For example, it lets you select the language of your search words in the Language of Search Terms drop-down list. If your search words are in a language other than the language in which you use QuestionPoint, you usually receive more results and are less likely to miss relevant results if you select the language. When you use the Basic Search page, QuestionPoint processes your search words as if they are in the language in which you use QuestionPoint.

Only in the Ask a Librarian module:

  • Click the Question Detail link to view the Full Question in a separate window.
  • Click the Return to Question link to return to the Answer Question page.

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