Send message to patron

Use the following procedure to send a message informing the patron about the work on his or her question without changing the question status in QuestionPoint.

For example, you might inform the patron of the expected turnaround time, an unexpected delay, or the referral of the question to another library.


This message differs from an answer or a clarification request because it leaves the question status unchanged.

Its subject line is "Library Question - Message [Question #nnnnnnn]." The content includes only your message and the question history. It does not include your library's Custom Reply Text, nor is it customizable by your administrator (Administration > Institution > Settings > Custom Messages).

If the patron replies to the message, the reply is received at the library's FROM address (if the custom outgoing email address feature is used.) (Administration > Institution > Settings > Outgoing Address).

The patron's reply is not added to the question history inside QuestionPoint and the question status remains unchanged. You may wish to set up a script for use in this message that advises the patron not to reply.


To inform the patron about the work on a question:

  1. Go to the Full Question.
  2. Click the Answer button to view the Answer Question page.
  3. Optional: To view all information about the question, click the Full Question View link to view it in a separate window. Resize and position the window as needed.
  4. Do one or more of the following to prepare your message:
    • Include text
    • Include scripts
    • Attach files
  5. Click the Send Message button.


  • Displays a confirmation message.
  • Redisplays the Full Question with your message in the question history.
  • Leaves the question status unchanged.
  • Sends the message to the patron's e-mail address.

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