Send an answer

To send the answer to a question:

  1. Go to the Full Question.
  2. Click the Answer button.
    QuestionPoint displays the Answer Question page.
  3. Optional: To view all information about the question:
    • Scroll to the bottom of the page to view it in the same window.
    • Or, click the Full Question View link to view it in a separate window. Resize and position the window as needed.
  4. Optional: Click the Search KB button to search KBs for an answer to the question.
  5. Do one or more of the following to prepare your message:
    • Include text
    • Include scripts
    • Attach files
    The text field contains a WYSIWYG editor, so that you can format your Answer, Clarification Request or Message to the patron using colors, indentations, etc. You may also copy and paste HTML formtatted text into the text box, and the original formatting will be preserved. You can edit the pre-formatted text to change it. Most formatting is allowed, but certain elements are not allowed, such as: H1 headers, Div tags. These will be stripped from the text when pasted in, and/or are not available from the WYSIWYG menus.
  6. Click the Send Answer button.
    Note: If there is no Send Answer button, no patron e-mail address is included with the question. Click Save Answer if you want to record the answer in the Question History and count one answer sent in statistical reports without sending the answer to the patron. Click Save Draft if you will add the patron e-mail address (Change Patron E-mail in the Full Question) and then send the answer.

When you click Send Answer, QuestionPoint:

  • Displays a confirmation message.
  • Redisplays the Full Question with the answer in the Question History.
  • Changes the question status to "answered."
  • Sends the answer in an e-mail message. The message goes to the patron's e-mail address unless you answered the question for the Global Network and the referring library specified that the answer go to the requestor only. In that case, the referring library sends the answer to the patron. The formatting of the Answer is preseved and available to the patron if their email handler permits HTML messages. The communications to the patron from the Answer page are sent in "multi-part", meaning that an html version and a plain text version are contained within the same email message sent, allowing the patron's email handler to deliver the message in the preferred method of that handler.

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