Receive reply from patron

The patron may send an e-mail reply to an answer, chat transcript, or clarification request that you send.

You receive the patron's reply if your institution administrator turns on Reply-to Messages and supplies a Custom Outgoing E-mail Address (Administration > Settings > Outgoing Address).

To receive the reply from the patron:

  1. Read the e-mail message sent to your e-mail address when the patron replies.
    Note: The message contains the Question ID that you can use to find the question in QuestionPoint.
  2. Go to the Full Question.
    Note: QuestionPoint changes the status of the question to "new" when it receives the patron's reply.
  3. Click one of the buttons included with the patron's reply in the Question History:
    • Click Edit to accept the patron's reply and begin to process it.
      QuestionPoint displays the Edit Patron E-mail Response page.
      Go to step 4.
    • Click Delete to remove the patron's reply.
      QuestionPoint redisplays the Full Question and removes the patron's reply from the Question History.
      Go to step 6.
  4. Edit the patron's reply in the Reply box.
    Example: You might remove unneeded text, such as headers, a copy of your message, etc.
  5. Click the Save button located below the Reply box.
    QuestionPoint redisplays the Full Question with the edited patron's reply in the Question History.
  6. Take appropriate action on the question.
    • To send an answer or clarification request, click the Answer button.
    • To add a new question manually, click the Add Question tab.
    • To close the question, select Closed in the Move To drop-down list and click the arrow.

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