Instant Message (IM) and Transfer (Chat)

Important note about transfer

Before you transfer a session to another librarian, you should:

  • View the list of monitoring librarians to see who is available to receive the session, and
  • Send an IM to ask an available librarian to take the session. Use either the IM tab or the Transfer button to send the IM.

Transfer the session after a librarian agrees to take it. If you transfer the session without asking first, the receiving librarian may not be able to provide prompt attention to the session.

View the list of monitoring librarians

  • Click the Librarians tab to view the Librarians list of librarians who are monitoring any of the same queues as you.

Send an Instant Message (IM) to another monitoring librarian

  • Click the IM tab and then click on the librarian with whom you want to IM.

Tip: Participate in one IM session at a time, keep each session brief, and end each session promptly.

Respond to an IM from another librarian

  1. Click OK in the New IM Request box that pops up.
  2. Click the IM tab.
  3. Click on the session in the My Active IM Sessions list.

Transfer an active patron session to another monitoring librarian

  1. Click Transfer in the patron session that you want to transfer.
  2. Click on the librarian who will receive the session, and send an IM message to determine their availability for a transfer.
  3. Click Transfer and then click Close.

Note: The IM messages and the transfer request between you and the other librarian will appear in the Chat History as Librarian Notes. They will not be visible to the patron and will not appear in the emailed version of the transcript.

Receive a transferred patron session from another librarian

  1. Click OK in the New Transferred Chat Session box that pops up.
  2. Click on the Patron Chat tab if necessary.
  3. Click My Active and then click on the session.

PDF guide

See the IM and Transfer in chat: Librarian guide (PDF) for more information.

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