Framebusting web pages and URLs (Chat)

What is a framebusting web page?

A framebusting page is a web page that will not open within a frame in another web page. Because the Viewport in the patron chat window is a frame, framebusting pages can disrupt chat sessions. When chat tries to display a framebusting page in the Viewport, a browser message asks if the patron wants to go to another page. If the patron agrees, he or she leaves the chat window and may not be able return to the chat session.

What can we do about framebusting web pages?

You can report the URL of any framebusting page that you discover.

If the URL of a reported framebusting page is used in chat, the URL appears as a link in the patron's transcript but QuestionPoint does not try to display the page in the Viewport. If the patron clicks the link in the transcript, the page opens in a separate window so the patron's session is not disrupted.

How can I report the URL of a framebusting web page?

Send the URL for a framebusting web page to the QuestionPoint support team at

How can I see a list of the framebusting web pages already reported?

View the list of known framebusters. A link to the list is also included on the right side of the My QuestionPoint page.

How can I test a web page to see if it is a framebuster?

A test procedure is included with the list of known framebusters.

Do framebusting web pages disrupt co-browse?

Framebusting pages do not affect co-browse. In co-browse they behave as any other web page.

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