Leave a group

After you Join a group, you can leave the group permanently or temporarily.

Leave the group permanently

To leave the group permanently:

  Action Result or Note
1 Log on to QuestionPoint using your administrator authorization number.  
2 Select Administration in the Select Service drop-down menu at the top of the page. The system displays the Create New Librarian Account page of the Administration module.
3 Click the Virtual Groups tab. The system displays the My Virtual Groups page.
4 Click the Delete button for the group that you want to leave. The system redisplays the page with a confirmation message and removes the group from the page.

Note: If you later decide to return to the group, Join a group again.

Leave the group temporarily

To temporarily stop participating in group activities, ask the administrator to update your membership/approval status to inactive. When you are ready to participate again, ask the administrator to update your status to active. To view administrator contact information, click the name of the group on the My Virtual Groups page.

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