Specify where to send patron e-mail replies (outgoing address)

Use this procedure to control the return address of most e-mail messages you send from QuestionPoint and the address to which patron replies to your messages are sent.

For more information, see Outgoing Address (overview).


  Action Result
1 Log on to QuestionPoint using your administrator authorization number.  
2 If the Administration module is not displayed, select Administration in the Select Service drop-down list at the top of the screen. The system displays Create New Librarian Account.
3 Click Settings below the Institution tab.

The General Settings screen appears.

4 At the Reply-to Messages prompt, select On to accept patron e-mail replies or select Off not to accept them. Reply-to Messages
5 If you are using QuestionPoint in a language other than English, choose to send all e-mail messages in UTF-8 text format or in HTML format (an alternative option if your patrons' e-mail clients do not correctly display diacritics and non-Roman characters for messages in UTF-8 text format). Notes:

Skip this step if you are using QuestionPoint in English because these options are not available to you.

If you choose HTML format, Reply-to Messages cannot be turned off.

6 At the Outgoing E-mail Address prompt, select the default address or select Custom to enter a different address. If you select Custom, you MUST enter an e-mail address in the Custom E-mail Address field. If this field is left blank, the system will revert to the default address.

Outgoing E-mail Address and Custom E-mail Address

7 If you selected Custom in step 6, enter a valid e-mail address for your library in the Custom E-mail address field. If you make a mistake, click Reset to return to the previously saved e-mail address, if any.
8 Click Save. The screen refreshes as the system is updated with the new information.


If the Outgoing E-mail Address option is set to the default, any address entered in the Custom E-mail Address field will be disregarded. Make sure that the Custom option is selected when entering a custom address.

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