Set the e-mail notification address

Enter the e-mail address or addresses to receive a notice when new questions arrive at your library.

  Action Result or Note
1 Log on to QuestionPoint using your administrator authorization number.  
2 If the Administration module is not displayed, click Administration in the Select Service drop-down list at the top of the screen. The system displays Create New Librarian Account.
3 Click Settings below the Institution tab.

The General Settings screen appears.

4 At the Use E-mail Notification prompt, click Yes to turn on or click No to turn off e-mail notification. If you select Yes, you MUST enter an e-mail address in the E-mail Address(es) field.
5 Enter the e-mail address(es) to notify in the E-mail address entry field. Notes:

If you make a mistake, click Reset to return to the previously saved e-mail addresses, if any.

To have notifications sent to multiple e-mail addresses, separate each e-mail address with a semicolon.


You can save a maximum of 100 characters in this field, including letters, numbers, punctuation marks, and spaces.

6 Click Save. The screen refreshes as the system is updated with the new information.

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