Set up default account privileges

Use the Account Privileges screen to set the default access privileges to the local Knowledge Base for new institutions that join your group. This default can be changed as needed for each new institution.


  Action Result or Note
1 Log on to QuestionPoint using your group administrator authorization number.  
2 If the Administration module is not displayed, click Administration at the top of the screen. The system displays the Institution Administration Home part of the Administration module.
3 Click the Subscription Group tab. The system displays the Group Administration Home part of the Administration module.
4 Click the Accounts link below the Subscription Group tab. The Search Institutions screen displays.
5 Click the Account Privileges tab. The Account Privileges screen displays.

Fields on Account Privileges

6 Use the radio buttons to select the highest access privilege you wish to grant to new institution and librarian accounts in your group. Existing accounts will not be affected by any changes you make.
7 Click Save.  


Institution administrators can set a lower access privilege for their librarian accounts but cannot set a higher privilege than the default set for their institution account.

Access privileges to the global Knowledge Base are set by the global group administrator (Library of Congress).

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