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Document Information

To help you decide quickly if you want to read a document, an information table is included at the top of many documents on the QuestionPoint web site. This table may contain the following information:

Audience Which QuestionPoint roles is the document intended to serve? If a primary and secondary audience are indicated, the document is intended to serve the primary audience but the secondary audience may also find it useful.
Subscription type Which QuestionPoint subscription types is the document intended to serve?
Document type

What type of document is it?

  • Overview: A general description of a concept or function.
  • Procedure: Instructions for performing a task.
  • Reference: Information consulted frequently to perform a task.
  • Checklist: A guide through the steps of a process.
  • Worksheet: A tool for making decisions or gathering information needed for a task.
Purpose What can you do after you complete the document?
Related materials Which other documents supplement the document?
Last updated When was the document last changed?