Control question truncation

Perform this task when you want to:

  • Enable or disable truncation of the questions on your Ask a Librarian question lists
  • Set the number of characters to which the questions should be truncated

Perform this task on View/Change My Settings. If you are not already on View/Change My Settings, click the Settings menu link or the Settings button. For information about the fields on View/Change My Settings, see Fields on View/Change My Settings.

Complete the following steps to perform the task.

  Action Result or Note
1 In the Truncate questions in lists field, click Yes if you want to truncate the questions in your question lists, or click No if you have previously truncated the questions and no longer want them to be truncated.  
2 In the Truncate after field, enter the number of characters that should be displayed for each question in your question lists. The character limit applies only to the number of characters displayed in questions in question lists, not the number of characters displayed after you select the question.
3 Click Save. A message appears that says The settings for your account have been changed.

The system does not return you to your previous location. You must click a menu link or module link to leave View/Change My Settings.

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