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Why would I send a message using Send Message to Librarian?

You can use Send Message to Librarian (available on the Full Question page) to send an e-mail message to anyone who referred a question to you or to whom you referred a question, including other libraries whose patrons chatted with you or librarians at other libraries who handled chat sessions for your patrons. The message is also added to the Question History on the Full Question page.

You might:

  • Ask for more information about a question referred to you.
  • Send more information to, or ask for a status report from, someone who is answering a question for you.

Should I send a message to a librarian during a chat session?

No. Do not use Send Message to Librarian to send a message during a chat session because messages sent then are visible to the patron. Messages sent after a chat session are not visible to the patron. Use IM in the chat monitor to send a message to a librarian during a chat session.

How can I send a message to a librarian?

To send a message about a referred question or chat session:

  1. Go to its Full Question page.
  2. Click the Send Message to Librarian link to view the Librarian Message page.
  3. Optional: Click the Full Question View link to view all information about the question in a separate window. Resize and position the window as needed.
  4. Do one or more of the following to prepare your message:
    • Include text.
    • Attach files.
  5. Click the Send Message to Librarian button.
    QuestionPoint sends an e-mail message to the librarian, displays a confirmation message, and redisplays the Full Question page with the message included in the Question History.

Who receives the message?

The e-mail message goes to the:

  • Assigned librarian's e-mail address if the question is assigned at the other library.
  • Library's e-mail notification address if the question is unassigned at the other library.

What does the message look like?

The subject line of the e-mail message is "QuestionPoint - Message" followed by the question ID.

The body of the message contains:

  • Instructions for replying to the message
  • Your message
  • The Question History

What happens if the librarian replies to the message?

If the librarian replies as instructed in the message, you receive the reply in an e-mail message and the reply is added to the Question History.

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