Receive questions from Global Network

Your library can participate in the Global Reference Network and receive questions referred to it by the network.


QuestionPoint assigns the following status to each question that your library receives from the Global Network:

  • New:
  • Referred in by Global:
    Referred to global networkReferred to us

Question lists

QuestionPoint places each question in the following question lists:

  • New
  • Referred
  • Active


QuestionPoint notifies your library of each question. It sends a notice to your library's Alert E-mail address (Profile > Institution Services > Contact > Alert E-mail).

Patron account

QuestionPoint updates the patron's QuestionPoint account in the Patron Interface as follows:

  • It adds an icon to the question in the unanswered questions list to indicate that the question has been referred to another library:
    Referred to global network


QuestionPoint does not send an acknowledgement to the patron or to the referring library when your library receives a question from the Global Network.


QuestionPoint leaves each question unassigned at your library. Your library's administrators or librarians assign or claim them.


Your library should consider each question promptly. If your library cannot answer a question by the date and time needed, it should reject the question as soon as possible so the Global Network can refer it to another library.

To help you consider the question:

  • The e-mail notice contains:
    • Question ID that you can use to find the Full Question
    • Question
    • Date and time when the answer is needed
    • Numerical routing values that indicate how well your library's expertise and resources match the question's routing information
  • The Full Question contains:
    • Name of the referring library
    • Link to all the routing information
    • Other information about the question

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