When does a question's status change to "new"?

New (the icon for new status)

The status of a question changes to "new" when your library:

  • Receives the question submitted by a patron through a question form
  • Chooses "Follow up by me" or "Followup by patron's library" as the resolution code for a chat session
  • Adds the question manually as a "new" question
  • Receives a reply from the patron to a clarification request or an answer sent about the question
  • Receives the question as a referral from a library in your group or from the Global Network
  • Receives an answer from a subject-matter expert after referring the question to the expert
  • Receives an answer or a clarification request from a library after referring the question to the Global Network and specifying that the answer not be sent to the patron
  • Recalls the question after referring it to a subject-matter expert or another library
  • Receives a rejection after referring the question to another library

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