Claim questions in a list

You can claim unassigned questions in your library's question lists so others can see that you plan to answer them.

To claim unassigned questions in a list:

  1. Go to a list of unassigned questions.
  2. Click the check box for each question on the page that you want to claim.
    Click the check box at the bottom of the page if you want to claim all the questions on the page.
    Caution: Do not view a Full Question while you are clicking check boxes. If you do, any checks are cleared when you return to the list. Skip any questions for which you want to view the Full Question and return to them later.
  3. In the Select Action drop-down list at the bottom of the page, select Claim and click the arrow.
    QuestionPoint confirms your claim and redisplays a page of remaining unassigned questions in the list. No questions are listed If there are no unassigned questions on the page.
  4. If unassigned questions remain on the page, repeat steps 2–3 if you want to claim additional questions.
  5. When you finish claiming questions on the page, go to another page (if any) of the list and repeat steps 2–4 if you want to claim additional questions.
  6. Stop when there are no more questions on any page of the list that you want to claim without viewing the individual Full Questions.

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