Settings (Chat)

Chat settings let you control the font size in the chat monitor and the notifications that you receive in chat.


To change settings in chat:

  1. Click the Settings link at the top of the chat monitor.
  2. Change one or more values.
  3. Click Save.

Settings options

Move the Change font size slider to increase or decrease the font size.

Check Flash based popup alert to receive a popup alert in the chat monitor when a new chat request arrives. You must have the chat monitor as your top window to see this alert because it does not pop up in front of other windows and applications.

You receive popup alerts in the chat monitor for new librarian IMs and patron transfers even if you elect not to use the Flash based popup alert for new patron chat requests.

Check Browser based alerts to receive notifications from your browser when a new chat request arrives. The Browser based alerts are a sound and various flashing notifications in the browser title bar, tabbed interface (if you use tabs), and taskbar. Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari all provide some variation of flashing notification. Experiment with them to see if they give you sufficient notification of a new patron request.

Check Sound alert when "New" patron arrives if you want chat to play a sound once when a new chat request arrives. This sound is separate from the one brovided by the Browser based alerts.

Check Sound alert repeatedly while "New" patron in queue if you want chat to play a sound every few seconds while a new chat request is waiting for someone to accept it.

Check Sound alert repeatedly when "My" patron has responded if you want chat to play a sound every few seconds until you respond to the latest message from a patron with whom you are chatting.

Check Show network usage meter if you want to view the network usage meter. It appears as a set of bars in the box at the top of the chat monitor to the right of the elapsed-time/time-and-date information. The meter is a visual representation of the rate of network traffic flow between your computer and the QuestionPoint servers. The slower the flow becomes, the redder the meter becomes. A slowdown could result from too many network-consuming applications running on your computer, a slowdown of your Internet connection, general Internet traffic congestion, or a slowdown of the QuestionPoint servers.

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