View patron survey reports

Note: The following information pertains to internal patron survey reports. For information about patron survey options, including external patron survey forms, see Patron surveys.

If you create internal patron survey forms, you can view reports in the Administration module that summarize and list the responses to the surveys.

To view reports of patron survey responses:

  1. Select Administration in the Select Service drop-down list.
    QuestionPoint displays the Create New Librarian Account page.
  2. Click the Surveys link below the Institution tab.
    QuestionPoint displays the Institution's Survey Report page. The Statistics: All Surveys report is included on the page.
  3. To view another report, select a report in the Reports drop-down list.
    • Statistics. The number of times that each answer was selected for each multiple-choice survey question. You can view statistics for all surveys, chat surveys only, or ask surveys only.
    • Comments. The comments that patrons provided in survey responses.
    • Surveys. The answers selected and the comments provided in each survey response. You can view all surveys, chat surveys only, or ask surveys only.
  4. To limit the report by date, select a date limit in the Limit To box.
    • All (default, not limited by date)
    • Day: single day (Enter the same date in both Day boxes.)
    • Day: range of days (Enter a different date in each Day box.)
    • Month (Select a month and a year.)
    • Year (Select a year.)
  5. Click the Search button.
    QuestionPoint displays the selected report on the Institution's Survey Report page.
    Note: Click the Question ID for a comment or response in these reports to view the related Full Question in a separate window.

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