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You can join up to 5 groups online. For general information about virtual groups, see Virtual groups (overview).


You must be an administrator whose institution has an active profile in the Global Reference Network in order to join a virtual group online.


To find and join a group:

  Action Result or Note
1 Log on to QuestionPoint using your administrator authorization number.  
2 Select Administration in the Select Service drop-down menu at the top of the page. The system displays the Create New Librarian Account page of the Administration module.
3 Click the Virtual Groups tab. Note: If you have no Virtual Groups tab, your institution does not have an active profile in the Global Reference Network. For more information about a profile, see Why should your library complete a profile and keep it up-to-date?
4 Click the Join a Group link below the tab. The system displays the Group Enrollment page. It lists all the public subscription groups and virtual groups in the order in which they were created. Each page of the list contains 10 groups.

The heading in the red band shows the number of groups in the list that you are currently viewing and which of those groups are included on the current page of the list.

5 Use the links, boxes and button above the list to search, limit and sort the list. Note: For more information, see Group Enrollment links, boxes and button.
6 Read a group entry in the list to learn about a group and decide if you want to join it. Note: For more information, see Group entry on the Group Enrollment screen.
7 If you find a group that you want to join, click Join this group in the group entry for the group. The system redisplays the page with a confirmation message.

Note: You receive an e-mail message when the group administrator acts on your membership request. The message indicates your current membership/approval status and provides an e-mail address to which you can send any questions. For more information, see Membership/approval status in a group.

When the group is active and your membership in the group is active, your library can participate in group activities.

To participate in a group that provides Web-form question coverage, you must also Set up coverage for Web-form questions.

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