Include/exclude transcripts of our chat sessions with other libraries' patrons

You (institution administrator) control whether or not the transcripts of your library's chat sessions with other libraries' patrons are included in your library's question lists. They are included if you accept the default setting. Or, you can change the setting to exclude them (Administration > Institution > Settings > Chat Transcripts).

Why you might exclude chat transcripts with other libraries' patrons

You might exclude chat transcripts with other libraries' patrons if they unnecessarily complicate your library's workflow. If your librarians frequently chat with other libraries' patrons and you or your librarians often work in the Active or All Questions lists, you may encounter many of these transcripts with a variety of statuses. Many of them may require no followup by you.

However, if you and your librarians work primarily in the New Questions list, these transcripts may not affect your workflow. You would encounter such transcripts only if your librarian selected the Followup by Me resolution code. Transcripts with that code are always included.

If your library participates in the 24/7 Reference Cooperative, you might want to exclude chat transcripts with other libraries' patrons. You are required to review the quality of chat sessions with your own patrons. You might do this review using the Active Questions list because you can close or forward transcripts as you review them. If that question list also includes chat transcripts with other libraries' patrons, you might need to pick your way through them as you review the sessions with your own patrons.

Notes about the exclude setting

The exclude setting applies to libraries that pick up chat sessions with other libraries' patrons.

The exclude setting does not apply to transcripts with the Follow up by Me resolution code. Those transcripts are always included in question lists.

If you select the exclude setting, only transcripts for sessions that occur after you select it are excluded. The setting is not retroactive.

Although excluded transcripts are not included in question lists, they are counted in question counts on the My QuestionPoint (Home) page and in record counts at the top of each page of a question list.

Librarians must select a resolution code at the end of a chat session and click Add in order for the exclude setting to work. If the librarian simply accepts the default (Answered) resolution code, the chat transcript will be included in question lists.

How to change the setting

  1. Click the Settings link under the Institution tab in the Administration module and then click the Chat Transcripts tab to go to the Chat Transcripts page.
  2. Click the button for the setting that you want to use and click Save.

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